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LNG Trading & Marketing

We connect buyers and suppliers of LNG in Asia and across the world.

LNG Trading Asia is operating as an intermediary in the LNG sector and we have a team of experienced brokers and commercial consultants who specialize in the energy industries.

Through our global network and our brokerage services, we facilitate short-term and medium term LNG deals and we connect buyers and suppliers from different countries and markets.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell Liquefied Natural Gas, please contact us and let us know how we can help. Our team focuses on helping suppliers and buyers by intermediating their needs in the LNG market.

We have privileged relationships with liquefiers, LNG carriers, shipowners, financial institutions, private investors, etc. and we are well positioned in Asia, Europe and in North America.


Our LNG suppliers are global trading firms, tolling and liquefiers, NOC/IOC, etc. and some own and operate liquefaction capacity. They partner up with trading and marketing companies to help them access new markets, business opportunities and new customers. We have access to long term and short term trade opportunities.


Our Buyers and Clients are comprise of large-scale utilities who have strong credit and who are able to negotiate favorable terms for long term contracts and we also work with smaller buyers who are purchasing LNG containers. The Small-scale utilities and or regional gas network operators focus on diversification of supply and they have small and sometimes seasonal demand.

With its global reach and network, LNG Trading Asia open the worldwide market to different clients and help the transparency and growth of the short-term LNG market.

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Contact us to arrange a sale or a purchase of an LNG cargo.

LNG Financing

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We facilitate and provide private funding solutions for LNG and energy projects across the world and we have access to a team of experts and private lenders who participate on a per project basis. At LNG Trading Asia, we add value by helping companies to find the best financing solutions for their needs. Our focus is to help clients across the world to access the best financial resources in order to structure and execute an optimal financing strategy and in order to achieve their goals.

As an unbiased financing consultant, we do not underwrite debt or equity and to avoid any form of conflict of interest with the developers and or clients.

All investment opportunities are reviewed and analysed by our team and on a per project basis.

LNG ISO Containers

Buy LNG in Containers

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Through our good relationships in the LNG business, we can provide tailor made solutions for the purchase of LNG containers and at competitive prices. We work closely with ISO container manufacturers for the purchase or leasing of tankers and we also have good relationships with LNG suppliers and with the major container lines to create best supply solutions for LNG buyers in Asia, Canada, USA, Europe and worldwide.

Consulting services

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Through our different partners in London, Houston, Geneva, Tokyo, HK and Singapore we propose global advisory services for the development, construction, operation, storage, financing and acquisition and disposition of lng facilities (processing facilities, storage facilities, refineries, etc.).

LNG Trading Asia propose a broad range of advisory services in the LNG and natural gas business and for the entire value chain – including LNG transportation & delivery, vessel design, engineering, fleet sales, project management, trading & gas marketing, etc.

We help clients to find the best resources in different fields related to the Liquified Natural Gas industry to help them get the best advice and solutions for their needs.LNG Trading Asia has good relationships with LNG ISO container manufacturers and owners, with LNG plants & suppliers in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and with the major container lines to create efficient supply solutions for customers in Asia and across the world. We are able to provide tailor-made solutions to supply LNG containers at competitive prices through our different partners and suppliers.

LNG Ship Brokerage

LNG tankers – Sale & Purchase

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Our sale & purchase team focuses on second hand sales of LNG and LPG tankers. Please contact us if you are looking to buy or sell a gas carrier.