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LNG Asia - LNG Containers

LNG Trading Asia operates worldwide as a commodity service and solutions provider for the global LNG markets. We connect buyers and suppliers worldwide and we help make trade happen.

We work with clients and collaborators of all sizes (oil majors, IOC/NOC, small to large-scale utilities, global trading firms, etc.) providing marketing, sourcing and consulting services for LNG business. Our affiliated agents acts as introducers and we facilitate global transactions and physical trading of LNG cargoes and LNG supply by ISO containers. We help to structure flexible trades and we arrange LNG solutions for the buyers and the suppliers.

We generate value by facilitating trade transactions and by intermediating needs of parties involved on a global scale.

Our Company excels in strategic sourcing, business development and business creation. We identify opportunities to trade physical commodities, we develop new markets and we organize appropriate structures and partnerships for long term business activities. As a success based fee group, the team focuses exclusively on the quality of information, the trading opportunities and the introductions we bring to each client, partner and collaborator.

Through our global network and strategic partners, we also offer consulting services (technology, engineering, transportation, etc.) and we offer private funding solutions for projects in the energy sectors through carefully selected capital partners.

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LNG Asia - LNG Containers

We have partners and collaborators in Vancouver, New York, Miami, Rotterdam, London, Geneva, HK, Tokyo and Singapore.

LNG Trading Asia.com is an affiliate partner of GCE Global.