Spot Cargoes Brokerage – LNG cargo broker

LNG Spot Cargo

We facilitate trading of LNG cargoes and we connect buyers and suppliers worldwide.

Many people are recognizing the flexibility of LNG as a traded commodity and placing greater reliance on the spot market and as the LNG market grows, competition for access to natural gas and liquidity is increasing. LNG Trading Asia helps LNG buyers access to upstream producers and we help suppliers access to key players and international buyers.

As a physical LNG cargo broker, we specialize in spot, short term and medium term cargoes.

Through our network, our Company is bringing value to buyers and suppliers in the LNG spot market and we work with clients of all sizes for the supply of natural gas. Our global network in the LNG industry allows us to identify and access trade opportunities that benefit the buyer and the seller.

As a global commodity broker, we facilitate and we help arranged physical LNG spot cargo transactions in America, in Europe and in the Asia-Pacific region.

Please contact us if you are looking to buy or sell physical LNG cargoes.

Factors driving the LNG spot cargo trade

– Growing demand for cleaner and safer energy fuel.
– Supply of gas is influenced by weather conditions, gas consumption, delay in or disruption of domestic production, price, availability, etc.

We help filling the gaps caused by the supply shortages and to arbitrage prices between alternative LNG markets.

We understand the market conditions, the differences in strategies and we are able to help international buyers and suppliers of LNG by facilitating LNG spot transactions and by intermediating the needs of all parties involved in the trade.

LNG contracts

In the spot market, LNG players benefits from putting in place master spot cargo trading contracts (Master Agreement) with prospective trading partners. There is also a market for sale and purchase contracts. A typical LNG spot cargo purchase and sale contract sets out the details about:
– Price
– Quantity
– LNG ship
– Demurrage
– Arrival window
– Laytime
– Loading and discharging ports
– specs and other requirements specific to LNG cargo(es) transactions.

With the LNG spot cargo trade becoming increasingly important in the Asia Pacific region, LNG Trading Asia is your best resource to buy or sell liquefied natural gas and or to finance LNG projects.