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We provide funding solutions to promising Energy projects worldwide.

At LNG Trading Asia and through our capital partners, we facilitate and provide private funding solutions for promising energy projects across the world and we have access to a team of specialized advisors for complex financing structure in the energy sectors.

Whether independently or through our team of experts and or private lenders, we add value by helping companies to find the best financing solutions for their needs and financial goals.

Our focus is to help clients in Asia and internationally to access the best finance resources in order to structure and execute an optimal financing strategy tailored to their specific needs.

We use our global network of contacts and our financing expertise to help find the best funding solutions.

All investment opportunities are reviewed and analysed by our team with the highest level of confidentiality and on a per project basis.

Please note that the main appeal of LNG projects for our partners and lenders is the use of long term LNG contracts and in order to secure gas at competitive prices. We use our global network and our financing expertise to arrange financing and private funding solutions that meets the client’s needs.

LNG Trading Asia and its partners have experience in providing financing solutions for a variety of projects in the energy sectors and we specialize in:

– Capital raising & Capital allocation
– Project financing
– Expansion financing
– Merger and acquisition financing
– Private Funding
– Equity Partnerships & JVP
– Bond financing
– Debt and equity financing
– Re-capitalization and restructuring
– Asset securitization & optimization
– Financing strategy development
– etc.

Please contact us if you are looking for project financing and one of our team member will get back to you shortly.

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