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LNG is one of the fastest growing commodities in Asia and Globally.

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LNG Trading Asia

Our primary focus is to support the worldwide expansion of the LNG industry, to facilitate trading of LNG and to bring an efficient and cleaner energy to global markets.

LNG Trading Asia operates worldwide as a commodity service and solutions provider for the global LNG & Gas markets.  We connect buyers and suppliers worldwide and we provide financing solutions for the energy sector.

We excel in strategic sourcing, business development, business creation and in providing funding solutions. We identify promising trading and business opportunities, we develop new markets and we organize appropriate collaborations & partnerships for long term and short term business operations.

The LNG spot and short term market has significantly increased over the last few years and the total global market for LNG is projected to increase in the coming years. The trading of liquified natural gas is set to grow worldwide and especially in Asia (Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.). Please note that growth will certainly be limited in certain countries due to restrictions in access to terminal and pipeline facilities and due to the heavily regulated domestic gas market in certain markets. However and with the ISO containers, customers are able to import natural gas without the need of special infrastructure.

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LNG Asia - LNG Containers

In the last few years, global trading firms, international oil companies and investment banks have set up trading houses in different countries to service LNG spot cargo customers across the World. Our Company is part of that growing industry and helps its partners and its clients to access the best supply solutions, tailored financing solutions and unique investment opportunities in the LNG industry. LNG Trading Asia is also a leader when it comes to the supply of LNG from Canada, United States, Australia and Europe in ISO Containers.

The supply and demand of natural gas is influenced by different factors such as weather conditions, seasonal gas consumption, gas domestic production, price and availability competing fuels, and the growing demand for cleaner and safer energy fuel. LNG Trading Asia has the flexibility with his partners to fill in the gaps caused by the supply shortages and to arbitrage prices between alternative LNG markets.

LNG Storage

LNG Storage is a key component and floating re-gasification and storage units provides alternative shipping and terminal capacity to the spot cargo trade

LNG Shipping

Shipping is another key component in the LNG supply chain and owners of carriers prefer to support investment decisions with long term supply or charter commitments due to the cost of the vessels. With the development of spot and short-term trade in the LNG business, some players have designated a small number of LNG vessels for spot cargo trade.

The continuing investment and developement in new build or converted floating re-gasification and storage units will provide alternative shipping and terminal capacity and that will add further weight to the spot cargo trade activities.

Liquified Natural Gas can be delivered in ISO container tanks (20′ or 40′ container), free on board (FOB) delivery, ex-ship (DES), at terminal (DAT) or it can also be agreement for different type of deliveries.

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