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LNG can be moved to any destination – virtual pipeline

LNG ISO containers is the perfect solution for your LNG transport operation worldwide. The LNG ISO tankers provide a variety of customizable features and the 40 feet LNG tank is designed to carry liquefied natural gas that can be easily moved to many ports across the world.

LNG ISO cryogenic containers are now used in many countries for optimizing the energy supply chains and to supply Liquefied Natural Gas in cities and in remote locations. It is possible to buy or lease LNG containers for short and long rental periods and they offer a cost effective supply solution.

LNG Trading Asia has good relationships with LNG ISO container manufacturers and owners, with LNG plants & suppliers in Canada, USA, Europe, Australia and with the major container lines to create efficient supply solutions for customers in Japan, China, South Korea, India and across the world. We are able to provide tailor-made solutions to supply LNG containers at competitive prices through our different partners and suppliers.

Contact us if you are looking to rent or buy LNG ISO containers and or to import Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) using ISO tanks.

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