LNG Exports – Information Requirements

LNG supply solutions

Before starting to work on a LNG supply solution with our partners and suppliers, we have to understand the needs and requirements of the buyer and some of the possible restrictions:

  • Load and disport restrictions: draft restriction ? LOA ? Beam ?
  • Usage of the Fuel & LNG origin (if there is a preference)
  • Cabotage requirements: in the case of loading and discharging in the same country, there will probably be some restrictions to consider.
  • Who is the Buyer/Purchasing Company: organisational structure, ownership, etc.

Also, we would need to have some information about the following:

  • Product / Usage
  • Quantity / Volume
  • Shipment period / Frequence
  • Destination / Port / LNG Terminal
  • Information of product flows over time
  • Tank and LNG terminal capacities
  • Terminal authorization
  • Transportation alternatives

LNG transportation options:

  •  To rent LNG containers – Click here for LNG ISO containers
  •  To buy a second hand LNG carrier – Click here to get more information
  •  To build a small LNG carrier (less than 40,000 cbms) for your own use and business activities.


*Please note that we can supply LNG Spot cargoes and we can also help you to structure long term contracts with some producers , NOC, IOC.
Ship owner usually requires a long term commitment from the buyer (especially for the small scale LNG carriers because the market is not as liquid as for the larger LNG carriers and ship owner will have limited alternatives for using the ship anywhere else).

Please contact us to discuss further about your needs and we will help you to find the best LNG supply solution at a competitive price.