LNG Shipping & Logistics – ISO Containers, Spot Cargo, Trucks, Storage,

LNG Shipping & Logistics

LNG ISO Containers, LNG vessels, Trucks, LNG Storage, etc.

LNG Trading Asia has good relationships with the LNG plants and suppliers, with LNG shipping operators and with the major container lines and can create an efficient shipping and delivery solution for customers in Asia, Canada, USA, Europe and across the world. We are able to provide tailor-made solutions that meets the client’s needs and to offer competitive prices through our different partners and suppliers.

We can utilize existing infrastructure and the best trade routes to efficiently bring the Liquefied Natural Gas (small scale LNG vessels to large LNG Spot cargoes) directly to the client’s facility.

For smaller shipment, industrial clients and/or for remote locations, the most cost effective LNG distribution is via LNG containers (cryogenic, pressurized containers). The LNG ISO containers are fully intermodal which allow them to be transported on normal trucks, conventional container vessels and on rail cars. The infrastructure needed by the buyer for receiving the LNG in containers is very limited and no extra energy are needed to convert the liquefied natural gas to normal natural gas.

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Please contact us if you are looking for a reliable LNG supplier and for the most cost effective natural gas supply solution.